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First married Valentine's Day shopping sends shock and awe

“Good grief, it’s Valentine’s Day!” the writer scream/cried inside his head with the voice of Charlie Brown as minutes neared midnight.

Both blessed and cursed by being the newest newlywed in the newsroom, the columnist assigned to write about the new husband’s foray into shopping for sweet somethings for his special sweet something .

When your editor and your wife are two of the strongest female characters in your life, you can feel the self-imposed pressure push to a boil. Add in a tight budget and tighter time for shopping and you can feel like you’re about to pop.

It’s not my first marriage but it is my last. For a man in his 40s who long lived single, many years were spent purposefully remaining in that relationship status, at least through February. Since finding my missus, it’s been a treasure to revere her the prior Valentine’s Days shared.

And then we got married. On Aug. 17, 2018, she gave me the best gift possible when she said “I do.” How can I compete with that?

Since then, the carefree couple has entangled in adventures verging towards “adulting.” With Dogtown Grooming, the missus has opened her first business. Start-up costs have kept things at a modest place financially. Mutually-agreed upon simple pleasures have served as champagne to caviar dreams, so to speak.

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